S​/​T 2016

by Absolve

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released February 20, 2016

All music and lyrics by Absolve.
Recorded and mixed by Michiel Van Steen at Buzzkiller Studio.
Mastered by Robin Carlo at Safehaven Recordings.
Logo and artwork by Sam Claes.
Photography by Brenda Boutsen.



all rights reserved


KickOutTheJams Belgium

H8000 - est. 2012

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Track Name: Mistakes
There was a time when we stood back to back.
Mistakes were made by you and me.
I tried to save this, but you wouldn’t let me.
Ignored the feelings we used to have.
Ran your mouth behind my back.
Now I’m wearing the crown.
The battle in my head still goes on.

My mind, my fury are my weapons.
Your weakness won't bring me down.

The knife you stabbed, still in my back.
I got this under control.
Someday, somehow.
I'm gonna pull it out.
Track Name: Roaches
Grabbing, taking all that you can.
Everything to take and nothing to return.
Holding on to desperate thoughts.
I can’t believe what you've become.

Finding peace in your own lies.
Bleeding out your blackened heart.

Tear it out and rip it apart.
May the world walk over your soul.
Track Name: Side By Side
For years we stood side by side.
Shared tears, laughs and good times.
It just turned out to be right.
But then the change set in.

Hard times set in.
We lost each other.
Got me thinking.
How can this end this way.
How could it have come to this?

Some say time will heal wounds.
Not for me, not for us.

Broken minds, broken words.
Track Name: White Lies
The way you choose.
You think that is right.
Push us all to fulfill your lies.
All your acts, filled with disgrace.
Force your ideas. then spit in my face.

How can you live with yourself.
Knowing that the filth you preach, eats away all trust and builds disbelief.

Choke yourself with the lies you trust.
All moral is lost. And in your head it will rust.